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The Body & Foot Massage is a perfect remedy through the use of a hot stone massage applied to one’s legs and feet. Feet can typically take a lot of heat. So, a combination of pressure massage on one’s legs and feet with warmth generated by the hot stones placed on top of one’s feet, brings about a sense of relaxation, clears away blocked capillaries while balancing your body and spirit.

PROMOTION: From now until Dec 2016 , Marvel Spa invites you to relax.
A free one way taxi ride, either to or from Marvel Spa, up to a maximum of VND 60,000 for customers staying in Hanoi's Old Quarter who book a 60min or 100min treatment.


Relax: 60min' - 290.000 VND

* Hand - Neck & Shoulder - Foot and Back

* Hot pillow

* Foot massage with warm stones

Renew: 75min' - 390.000 VND

* Hand -Neck & Shoulder - Foot and Back

* Scrubs your foot

* Hot Pillow

* Foot Massage with warm stones

Recover 90min' - 490.000 VND

* Hand -Neck & Shoulder - Foot and Back

* Scrubs your foot

* Hot Pillow

* Foot Massage warm stones

* The Treament with the paraffin mask your foot.


1. Marvel  Aromatherapy: Option  (60min’ VND 499.000) (75min’VND 599.000) (90min’VND 699.000)

Please choose one of three  essential oils

* Delicate

* Naturally fresh

* Energy

* Relaxes, improves circulation, detoxifies.

2.Synthetic Massage: Option  (60min’ VND 499.000) (75min’ VND 599.000) (90min’ VND 699.000)

Body scrub and mask  (Aroma - Thai - Vietnamese)

A deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment using mineral sea salt or natural ingredients to remove impurities and dead cells, while stimulating blood circulation. Experience a variety of fragrances:

3.Body Scrub

* Dead sea salt body scrub: 30min’ (VND 299,000)               

* Coffee &  Fruits body scrub: 30min’ (VND299,000)

4.Body Wrap

The power of natural vitamins and minerals is harnessed in a range of effective body treatments. All our body wrap treatments contain healing ingredients for exceptional skin calming and hydrating effects.

* Deep in nature with:

* Fresh milk & Fruit & Honey: 30’ (VND399,000 )               

* Fresh milk & Mud: 45’ (VND399,000 )               

* Fresh milk & Seaweed: 45’ (VND399,000 )


 1. Under Arms

150 000vnd

 2. Half Arms

200 000vnd

 3. Full Arms

350 000vnd

 4. Bikini Line

300 000vnd

 5. Bikini Full

500 000vnd

 6. Lower Legs

320 000vnd

 7. Upper Legs

350 000vnd

 8. Full Legs

600 000vnd

OPENING HOURS: Daily from: 10:00 am - 22:30 pm: Last appointment before 21h30